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Squirrel Appreciation Day

Posted in photography by maria on January 23, 2010

Hello, world!

Apparently Jan 21st was squirrel appreciation day, which sounds like every other day in my life.

However, in order to honor my friends in the backyard I took a few photos.

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Downtown DC

Posted in travel by maria on December 24, 2009
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Paris in August

Posted in travel by maria on December 21, 2009

I finally got around to sorting the pictures from my Paris trip this summer. It really was a dream come true to visit the city.

Take a look at selected August photographs.

Night over Paris, as seen from la Tour Eiffel

Versailles coming soon!

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A White Christmas

Posted in weather by maria on December 20, 2009

The DC area got a ton of snow in the last couple of days. And while I always say I hate the snow, it was nice to go out and play. My camera got it’s first snow day, and the Hugin panorama software got a workout too.

Here’s the result, click to open in a new window, then click again for a larger version.

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